Sparkling “le Rosé d’Oustry” Vin de France

Wine profile and specs

Beautiful pale pink colour. Pleasant raspberry and cherry aroma. Lively on the palate, then ends on a fine and regular fizz. Best drunk on its own, without the addition of a liqueur. This wine will compliment an aperitif and as well as a desert.  Best served at 6 to 8°C.

Grape Variety : Duras,  Braucol

Alc % : 11

Drink within: 6 month to 1 year. Store bottles horizontally, in a cool area (avoiding important variations in temperature).


One thought on “Sparkling “le Rosé d’Oustry” Vin de France

  1. GARNIER Daniel

    Vous serai t’il possible de me faire parvenir les tarifs de vos vins pour
    l’année 2017 et 2018, je vous en remercie. Cordialement

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